Duct Tape and Trade Show Booths

What do you think of when you hear the expression “trade show booths as well as duct tape”? If you’re like the majority of people, you most likely consider fixing trade show cubicles with duct tape. But this short article has to do with another use for duct tape with trade convention booths. It has to do with the “trade convention booth air duct tape test”, and also the test does not imply whether or not you can deal with or repair your trade show present cubicle with duct tape.

What the trade convention booth “duct tape test” indicates is, “Can your booth (also known as screen or screen booth) represent itself?”, as in, if your mouth has been taped shut with air duct tape! An efficient screen cubicle requires you to plainly connect your marketing message, without you standing next to it and also opening your mouth and clarifying what your exhibition style implies.

Your trade show layout (and also advertising and marketing message) requires you to quickly and also plainly address 3 concerns. First, your layout requires you to state what you are (what your business name is). Second, your style needs to state WHAT YOU DO (particularly if your business name does not suggest what you do). Third, and essential, your exhibition layout must state WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOUR CLIENT (WIIFM or What’s In It For Me). This 3rd factor is the most crucial part of your marketing message!

If your possible client can’t consider your trade show cubicle and right away recognize who you are, what you do, as well as just how you can aid him, then you require to rethink your exhibition layout and also your advertising message! Usually, businesses focus on themselves, as well as not on their clients as well on what they can do for their customers – that is, the benefits and customer service they supply. Individuals always what to hear what they can leave a deal, not what they need to put into it.

One simple way to differentiate your company from regarding 90% of the companies showing is simply to consist of in your marketing message WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR CLIENT! Just because the majority of other exhibitors will ignore this third point does not mean you should. Your layout should address this standard concern – WIIFM.

To place your exhibition booth through the “test”, you do not need to really tape your mouth closed (drawing the tape off after you do it can injure you anyway). While you do not require to tape your mouth closed, you do need to make certain your style has a clear message, and that it addresses the 3 concerns over. Don’t count on being there to heckle your possible clients as they walk by your cubicle and after that attempt to encourage them to quit as well as speak with you.

That is the task of your exhibition layout. IT is expected to stop leads, not you. IT is intended to get them to intend to speak with you, not you saying “So, what brings you by my booth today?” Trade convention attendees will certainly go by thousands of cubicles at the normal exhibition, and also only the booths that pass the air duct tape test will certainly obtain them to quit. Does your trade convention display cubicle pass the duct tape examination?

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