Indian Chicken Curry with Bananas

Who’s a fan of Indian food, too? Put your hands up! (In the sense of show off course, not like the police, of course.)

I love Indian food. And this, although I have never been to India before. But at the end of the day you don’t have to be in a country to appreciate its cuisine. Nowadays you go to the best Indian in the city in London, Paris or Munich. Jet-Set sends its greetings. But you don’t go to the best Indian of the city in the forest, here with me, behind the 7 mountains with the 7 dwarves. No, you don’t do that at all.

“Why not?” the urban population asks irritatedly. Well, because there is no Indian restaurant here. Silence entered in the room. I understand. I myself am embarrassingly touched.

Why is that actually so? “Because kei sow would go there! That’s the answer one gives oneself here to the question why there is no sushi bar or no Indian on the spot.

Well, that’s true or is it really true? For my part, I know a lot of people here who love Indian food – and they tried and learned to love it in London, Paris, New York or even in India! And even more people here in the forest love Sushi. I know many more people who like sushi than those who don’t.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to change the fact that a restaurant here would rather serve schnitzel than maki, nigiri or butter chicken. Don’t get me wrong: I love schnitzel! There’s nothing wrong with schnitzel, but nothing wrong with it. Dear friends of mine have very special nicknames for each other. It is stored in his mobile phone under Schnitzel. Which is by no means disrespectful, but full of sincere affection.

Schnitzel are very good (sorry, but the power expression fits the topic). And we can eat them here in many variations in inconceivably good inns and restaurants. That makes me extremely happy in any case.

I love to be able to choose between Jägerschnitzel, Kochkäs-Schnitzel and Bolognese-Schnitzel. And a cold beer and luck is perfect. If you would order a portion of Samosa or Tandoori Chicken here, it would probably read: “With fries or croquettes? Viennese style or veal? Since that wouldn’t be an option in the end, we simply stick to the schnitzel and dream at night, quietly, quietly and secretly of Indian curries – without croquettes, but with fried potatoes. Or something like that.

But if the desire for exoticism really overpowers you, you have to put yourself in the kitchen. And for all those who feel the same way – somewhere in a German forest, on a meadow, on a mountain, on an island – today I share this wonderful Indian recipe for cooking yourself and enjoying it as one could hardly do better in a restaurant.

Okay, you just have to pick up the cooking spoon and do something for the pleasure. But in the end you will be rewarded with a delicious Indian chicken curry with tender chicken, sweet bananas and raisins and a creamy yoghurt-curry sauce that is good to put in.

By the way: Leave it to the laying in. It would be too bad. Better to eat until nothing works. The danger definitely exists with this divine banana curry. It is very satisfying. But I couldn’t stop eating. The only thing that helps then is a happy roll from the dining table to the couch, pull yourself up and sink onto the cushions (deep, very deep sink, of course), top trouser button on and Netflix on. Aaaah… that’s paradisiacal, isn’t it?

And who can glide down from the Indian chair (gliding is very euphemistic for this unworthy sight) and plant himself on the next sofa and loosen his clothes at the same time, because his stomach is full to bursting with chicken curry?

Exactly. That’s not possible at all and would probably lead to a house ban of at least one year. Then you’d better feast at home and roll around. It tastes as good as Indian food anyway, oh what, better!

In the end you have to judge for yourself. I liked this sweet, exotic curry with chicken and yoghurt very much. Pure happiness on the spoon. Sweetness and the aromas of India – that’s where I am in the Indian food heaven.