Buying A Good Mattress – What Really Matters

Consider individual differences

The test results of Stiftung Warentest on the subject of mattresses have shown time and again that quality is not necessarily a question of price.

Simply buying an expensive mattress is therefore not necessarily a good solution. So what should you look out for when buying a mattress?

The “one mattress for all” cannot really exist, even though some manufacturers promise it. Because every person is different and has different preferences.

When choosing the right mattress, you should first consider your own sleeping preferences. The degree of firmness is chosen according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and body weight.

The sleeping position plays a decisive role when buying a mattress. Side-sleepers need a mattress that yields a little in the pelvic and shoulder area so that the spine is brought into an upright position. So-called 7-zone mattresses make this possible.

For side sleepers, the mattress must not be too firm but under no circumstances too soft. Experience shows that back sleepers lie best on a firm to medium firm mattress.

When trying out the mattress, you should make sure that the spine is optimally supported and that no hollow back is created.

For belly sleepers it is important that the mattress supports the middle of the body well, they need a rather firm mattress. There are also various care mattresses with special properties.

Cold foam mattress, spring mattress and alternatives

In the meantime there are many different types of mattresses. Each type of mattress is available in good and bad quality, so it is not possible to say which type of mattress is the best.

Spring mattresses were standard in Germany for decades. If it is a point-elastic pocket spring mattress, it can be assumed to be of good quality.

Cold foam mattresses are often cheaper and offer very good lying properties. In comparison they are not quite as durable as innerspring mattresses.

Many mattresses today are combination mattresses, they are made of different materials. So-called memory foam (visco foam) ensures good adaptation to the body contour and relieves pressure. This variant also has advantages and disadvantages.

Reversible mattresses are currently in vogue; one side is usually somewhat firmer than the other. This variant is considered particularly advantageous as it can be better adapted to individual needs.

In addition, good mattresses made of other materials are also available, such as latex and other natural materials.

Tip: When buying a mattress you should always try it out. An accompanying person or the specialist staff should make sure that the spine is brought into the correct position by the mattress.

If you’re buying online then you should read this post on that has a list of company that allow you to test the mattress home in peace and quiet. Some manufacturers now even offer the possibility of testing up to 100 days.

Slatted frame and pillow should match the mattress

To lie well, the slatted frame also plays a role. It should always match the mattress, mattress and slatted frame should be coordinated.

A wrong pillow can also cause complaints.

The pillow should match the mattress and the preferred sleeping position. The softer the mattress, the flatter the pillow may be. Side sleepers need a higher pillow than belly and back sleepers.

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