Author: John Secor


How Do You Curl Your Hair With A Straightener?

Exactly how do you crinkle your hair with a straightener? It’s not unexpected that you wish to know exactly how. Curls make a female hot and also gorgeous. They’re excellent for an evening out, either to a hot day or a formal gathering. As well as with hair straighteners, you will not need to dedicate […]


8 Vegan Healthy Snacks

If the work is longer than planned, the train is delayed and there is no food break in sight. With these tips, you’ll be better prepared for the cravings and eat more evenly and healthily. Who doesn’t know this; long on the way and suddenly the ravenous appetite comes. If your friends already queue up […]


Eat More Fruits – Tips To Make Sure You Get It Right

Do you eat enough fruit? The German Nutrition Society recommends five portions of fruit and vegetables per day – one portion corresponds to “a handful”. If these five servings are divided equally between fruit and vegetables, the highest German authority on nutrition believes that two and a half handfuls of fruit per day are sufficient. […]


Recipes For Healthy Desserts

You want to start the new year healthy and fit? In our four-part series, we show you how to get through the day perfectly with healthy meals and snacks. Episode 4: You don’t want to delete the dessert from your diet? These recipes will satisfy your desire for sweets – and still fit in with […]


Influence Of Diet On Health

An unhealthy diet is the cause of many health disorders. But what exactly does unhealthy nutrition mean? In this part of our website we inform you about widespread nutritional mistakes, about their possible consequences for health and last but not least about the possibilities how to make it better and healthier. The influence of nutrition […]


Indian Chicken Curry with Bananas

Who’s a fan of Indian food, too? Put your hands up! (In the sense of show off course, not like the police, of course.) I love Indian food. And this, although I have never been to India before. But at the end of the day you don’t have to be in a country to appreciate […]