30- something and for over 10 years of the flying fall.

Food has always been a big topic in my life. As the daughter of a cook and owner of a restaurant I grew up between pots and pans and sniffed “Gastroluft” (gas air) at an early age. There I spent a long time professionally and discovered my love for patisserie.
Oh, I still remember standing in the patissier’s kitchen countless hours before and after work, fascinated by all the wonderful works of art that were conjured up there.

A few years ago I discovered my passion for vegan and raw cuisine and now I live it to the full! Be it at home in my kitchen or worldwide on travels.

My second passion -flying- has become my profession and I am roaming all over the world in the vegan and healthy hotspots, always looking for a great restaurant.

No matter if Tallinn, Los Angeles, Moscow or bathtub ice cream … if you are looking for me, I am eating.

And if I don’t eat, then I like to walk for my life, or roll out the yoga mat. These are simply the best ways for me to clear my head, relax and take a deep breath. Because between flying, my kitchen at home in Bremen and my home in Berlin, sometimes things get pretty turbulent.

But what kind of flight attendant would I be if I didn’t know how to deal with turbulence?

If you want to know more about my life above the clouds, take a look here.

I hope you will find here many inspirations for a healthy, happy life.
Because of course there is much more to it than just good food.

Although I have had a vegetarian diet since my 16th birthday, I have somehow never given much thought to where my food actually comes from. But that changed from one day to the next when I watched a documentary about the egg industry. I just couldn’t believe how cruel mass animal wifery can be and decided I wanted to do my best not to support it any further. When my dermatologist advised me only a few days later to do without dairy products completely, as my skin problems were getting worse and worse at that time, I was convinced that I was on the right track. It hadn’t been difficult for me to do without meat at all, but cheese was a completely different story.

I had been a real cheese junkie for a long time and at first I thought that I could never live without cheese sandwiches and cheese pizza, but the funny thing was that after I had given up cheese for a while, I didn’t miss it anymore. Almost every day I got to know new ingredients that I had never heard of before: quinoa, buckwheat, chia seeds and soooo many others. I never spent much time in the kitchen before, but now I suddenly had tons of delicious recipes I wanted to try.

For years I have scribbled my recipes on receipts, napkins or small notepads. Every time I needed one of my recipes, I just couldn’t find it. And as you can imagine, this happened at regular intervals. On such occasions I’ve always said to Flo that it’s really time to start a food blog now, so I have all my recipes in one place. It took a few years until I really started my own blog at the end of 2014. In my Stewart Books I not only want to share my recipes with you, but also tell you about my travels as a vegan.

It’s nice that you accompany me on my journey.

Do you have any questions or wishes? Would you like to see a certain location or a special recipe at Stewart Books?

Do you need suggestions for Healthy Eating or Happy Living or, or, or?

Then write me!

I’m looking forward to it!