A Tailor-Made Suit – A Worthwhile Investment?

Many men are toying with the idea of buying a tailor-made suit. This reflects the growing desire for more individuality and expression of personality in suits. Why not design your tailor-made suit to your own taste: high-quality fabrics, perfect fit and maximum wearing comfort. Added to this is the knowledge that you are not holding a mass product off the peg, but a unique piece in your hands.

Craftsmanship And Quality

Opportunities to wear a suit are many. Often professional etiquette requires a business suit. But also in leisure time or on social occasions, such as a wedding, the man in a fine thread cuts a good figure. Many men have the desire to own a tailor-made suit. But for whom is the higher investment in a tailor-made suit worthwhile? Surely anyone who wears a suit regularly at work and at leisure is well advised to do so. This is where the higher purchase prices pay off in the long run. If suits are only worn in business and casual clothes are preferred in leisure time, the higher costs pay off here too. Men who only wear suits occasionally should consider whether they would like to invest so much money in a tailor-made suit, which they rarely put on. But even for casual suit wearers, the purchase is worthwhile thanks to the longevity of the tailor-made suit and the conservative cut. So it is not surprising that many men consider the purchase of a tailor-made suit. After all, a tailor-made suit is the Maybach among the suits. It sits perfectly and lets its wearer appear in a perfect light. The tailor-made suit is distinguished by its secure fit, fit and wearing comfort at important meetings, on special occasions or when travelling.

The tailor-made suit is a small piece of luxury in everyday life. But this luxury pays off, because the suit can be worn for many years. Fortunately, men’s fashion is not subject to such rapid change as women’s fashion. There is an increasing demand for individuality in design and fabric quality in men’s fashion in order to stand out from the conformity of suits. It is the good feeling to own a piece of tradition and quality, a suit that has not been mass-produced in cheap productions. For this you rely on the tailoring trade and have a tailor-made suit adapted step by step to your own body.

The masterpiece is the suit jacket. High-quality details with the traditional processing decide on the quality of the made-to-measure suit, such as the hand-fringed buttonholes, the stitching of the edge by hand on the lapel, the so-called pricking, that is, the inlay and padding is sewn by hand on the inside of the jacket with invisible stitches. And don’t forget the working buttonholes on the jacket sleeves. The fit is crucial, as the jacket should fit snugly against the wearer’s body and at the same time have maximum freedom of movement. The collar, the shoulder area and the back lie smooth and do not throw waves. An advantage of a made-to-measure suit is the large selection of fabrics. Fine wool fabrics are preferred for business suits – pure new wool is a perfect choice. The fall of the fabric is important, as is the ability to remove wrinkles after a short period of recovery. The weight of the cloth depends on the season or room temperature for which the tailor-made suit is to be used.

Time must also be invested in the tailor-made suit. After all, the pattern for the tailor-made suit has yet to be created by the tailor. To do this, the customer is measured at the first meeting. This is one of the most important steps in addition to fabric selection and cutting. After the measurement, the tailor creates a pattern that is individually adapted to the customer. Depending on the tailor’s workshop, a test suit is created for the customer. The test suit is used to test the later wearing characteristics of the tailor-made suit in motion, while standing and sitting. This is usually followed by two to three further fittings. The production of the unique suit can take more than 70 working hours and it can take about six months before the tailor hands over the tailor-made suit to his customer. But if price and time don’t discourage you, you’ll end up with a handmade unique suit.

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