8 Vegan Healthy Snacks

If the work is longer than planned, the train is delayed and there is no food break in sight. With these tips, you’ll be better prepared for the cravings and eat more evenly and healthily.

Who doesn’t know this; long on the way and suddenly the ravenous appetite comes. If your friends already queue up in the bakery queue to get a sandwich, the selection for vegans* usually looks poor. Gwyneth Paltrow supposedly always has an avocado in his pocket for such situations. We imagine it a bit strange when we stand next to our friends in the bakery queue and bite the green fruit with relish :).

But if you take precautions, you can also harvest some envious looks from your friends without avocados in your pocket, who stuff themselves with unhealthy sweets. If you eat something in between, you will avoid cravings and can save unnecessary calories and eat healthier.

4 things we always have in our pockets:

Ginger water

Stimulates digestion, prevents bloating, strengthens the immune system and prevents cravings. Ginger water is definitely an all-rounder, which is why we always fill a glass bottle in the morning with water and a few freshly cut ginger strips and take them with us.


Whether almonds, cashew, walnuts, hazelnuts … they all contain many important nutrients, are rich in proteins and provide the necessary energy boost in between. Simply fill a small glass or tin with nut mix and put it in your handbag. So you always have something with you in case of an emergency.

Dried fruit

Although dried fruits contain more sugar (per kg) than their fresh counterparts, they have a much longer shelf life. Especially dried berries are great for dudes after summer, when winter is already over, and give us many important vitamins. A small snack tin, perhaps mixed with nuts, provides us with vitamins, iron and protein and makes sure that we survive the next meeting with a clear head.

Tea bag

You can get hot water almost everywhere, good tea unfortunately not. That’s why we always have a few tea bags with us. Either the green tea for the necessary energy, a sweet chai when we feel like something sweeter or a herbal tea to calm the nerves. That way you are safe for every case.

When it gets a little longer

Fruit & vegetables

Probably the most practical fruit for on the way is the apple. It can easily be put into your pocket without packaging and eating on the go is no problem. Bananas are also easy to take with you because they come in their own packaging. Here you can see what you can do with the rest of the banana peel.

Marriages are also great for on the go and can be snacked if they have been washed before as a healthy little something. But there is so much more choice like oranges, strawberries, currants, cherries, peaches, apricots …

Or how about some vegetables like carrots that you can put in your pocket or mini-cucumbers, celery, paprika etc.?

Roasted chick peas

Mix cooked chickpeas with olive oil and spices (e.g. pepper, salt, cumin and turmeric), roast in the oven at 200 °C for approx. 20 minutes, allow to cool. Super snack for in between, which can also be kept for some time. Simply put it in an empty jam jar in the fridge and take a small portion of peas with you whenever you need them. Certainly better than salty, greasy snacks and much tastier!

Power balls

If you are on the road longer and want to take something durable with you, we recommend homemade power balls. These little balls give energy for the day, can be easily transported in an empty jam jar, taste great and are still healthy and without sugar. You can simply mix your favourite dried fruit (possibly with a few dates for extra sweetness) with almonds or coconut, refine with cinnamon, ginger and/or cardamom and roll into small balls. Or you can try one of these recipes: Almond date balls, coconut balls, chocolate beetroot balls.

Homemade dried vegetable soup

If you are preparing for a longer journey and are travelling by plane, ship or train, you can simply take a vegetable soup with you for all occasions. For this, simply finely plane your favourite vegetables (we recommend carrots, celery, leek, kale, beetroot and parsnips) or cut them into very thin strips and dry them in the oven at a low temperature. If the vegetables are completely dry, fill a glass with salt and mix with dry couscous or rice noodles. With a little luck the whole thing will survive your whole trip and you will always have a soup with you in case of an emergency. Just pour hot water over it, let it simmer and enjoy. If necessary, go without a spoon ;).