The Mother Child by G. Wallace Weyman

Excellent reading!

First-time novelist, G. Wallace Weyman, had an idea based on a breakthrough medical discovery on the news. She set her story in familiar surroundings, the hills and countryside of Scotland, where she was born and raised before emigrating to Canada.

The book follows the life of a young girl, in stages, to her teens, when she discovers a life-changing secret about her origin.

142 pages. $20 Can, inc. postage.

"We are born, and living forms us.

It enhances or diminishes the human spirit and the talent therein.

Life is an enigma, and so it should be. The challenge is taken up when first we breathe.

Surely, life begins when we are conceived, because the enigma that we humans never solve is the capricious happenstance that results in our becoming who we are at that very moment.

That billion-to-one moment that determines who you are to be.

From then on, life forms what you are to be."