Malta Tourist Information

This short article supplies a few of the fundamentals as concerns to Malta tourist details and also tips for prospective site visitors who are not very aware of the Maltese islands. Just like any holiday destination, the extra you know about the nation prior to you visit, the a lot more complete you’ll be to pick simply the appropriate websites and also destinations to see. It’s never ever a good idea to just go with the flow because everybody is different and also this comes to be specifically vital when on holiday. You do not want to “lose” time going to sites and also locations that are not appealing to you.

Malta Weather condition

The climate in Malta has always been one of the island’s toughest points. Site visitors can generally anticipate to obtain cozy weather mostly all year round, with temperatures soaring in July and also August. Chilliest spells usually come in January and also February, although no day is ever that chilly to maintain site visitors from exploring the islands.

Passport demands

EU people can travel to Malta without a key considering that their nationwide identity card will certainly be enough. (If you’re traveling from an EU nation that does not provide ID cards, a valid ticket is then required). Non-EU nationals must have a legitimate ticket.

Malta Airport

There is only one airport in Malta and all flights arrive and also depart from it. Malta International Flight terminal lies at Luqa, some 8 kilometres southern of Valletta (the resources of Malta). The airport terminal is well furnished with ATMs, web access, good facilities as well as a Malta Traveler Information Office. A bus solution is readily available to as well as from Valletta.

Reduced Crime Price

Contrasted to various other European nations, Malta has a substantially reduced criminal offense price. Of course, regardless of where you are, it is always reasonable to exercise some degree of caution.

Malta Money

Up up until a couple of years ago, the Maltese Lira was the regional currency. Nevertheless, in January 2008 Malta adopted the Euro, making it extremely beneficial and convenient for site visitors out on a European trip.

Atm machines are comfortably located in all the primary communities on the Maltese islands. Visa, MasterCard and Amex cards are approved in a lot of resorts, restaurants and also shops. Find out more info on Malta at


The supply on the Maltese islands is 240V as well as plugs are three-pin.

Web Access

Malta is well attached and all major resorts as well as travel organisations have a site. One can additionally locate many internet coffee shops throughout the islands. Top-end hotels are additionally supplying wi-fi hotspots recently. This pattern is said to enhance because increasingly more visitors are requiring these solutions.


As concerns to tipping, Malta is really comparable to landmass Europe, in the sense that tipping is not generally expected, but is valued.

Photos & Video clip

Don’t worry if you run out of movie. Print film, camera cassettes and also devices can easily be purchased from the many photo stores scattered throughout the primary communities. Print film is additionally readily available at major hotels as well as memento stores.


The Maltese drive on the left and also speed limits are 80km/hr on freeways as well as 50km/hr in metropolitan locations. Visitors often say that a lot of local chauffeurs seem to disregard easy roadway rules in Malta as well as this is somewhat true. So if you’re driving in Malta, be extra mindful and also be planned for motorists surpassing on the inside or refusing to give way at joints, among other things. Some roadways remain in a negative condition compared to European criteria hence making driving in Malta a little bit of a headache often.

It is advised that you research all the piece de resistances as well as sites that the Maltese islands have to offer prior to you go to. In this way you can compose a satisfying travel plan for yourself with all the places that fascinate you in Malta, Gozo and also Comino.

The above ideas were exclusively intended as preliminary Malta traveler details and also recommendations that could come in handy, particularly if you’re still unsure or in the planning process of your Malta trip.

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