Increasing Your Conversions (Sales) With Existing Traffic

What would you say if I informed you just how to enhance your conversion rates from 1 sale in 150 site visitors to 1 in 100? Or bring it down from 1 in 50 to 1 sale for each 30 visitors?

Everybody wishes to increase profits as well as many concentrate on getting more website traffic to their site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC/SEM), Social Media Marketing, and a lot more. There is one thing that many, even skilled, on the internet marketing professionals neglect about– examining different variations of the exact same web page or entirely different web pages to make ways to get more sales with SEO with your existing traffic.

Most of us intend to increase great targeted web traffic to our sites. However you should additionally hang out making changes to your website to enhance the conversion prices. Let’s think that for among the sellers you are advertising:

One visitor in 100 that comes to your internet site exchanges a sale
Your average conversion value (commission) is $40.
You are obtaining 10,000 site visitors monthly and consequently making $4,000 from that traffic.

Now exactly how would certainly those numbers look if you were to maximize your website and hence enhance your conversion price to 1 in 70 and even 1 in 50?

With these numbers, you can see the worth in placing some effort right into enhancing your conversion rates. Just how do you raise your conversion rates? You make small and also huge modifications to your web pages and internet site as well as examination to determine the distinctions. These can be small changes like transforming the text on the Order Button from “Buy Now” to “Order” to “Check out.” These can likewise be big wholesale changes like a brand-new site deign.

The majority of experienced online marketers normally have a great feel for what will and will not work, but it is always an excellent idea to examination. Let the numbers make the decision, not your sixth sense.

A/B Screening

The “most basic” examination is an A/B examination. This is when you check 2 different versions, or variations, as well as gauge the results. While the majority of check out sales or conversions you can additionally check out points like newsletter signups, web pages checked out, time on site, get in touch with kinds filled out, telephone call, messages uploaded, etc. Any type of actionable occasion by a customer can be evaluated.

Comparable to the checkout instance stated earlier you might wish to examine exactly how to get even more individuals to the merchant website you are promoting. So you can alter the hyperlink from “Extra Details” to “Purchase Currently” beside your descriptive text and also see which gets you even more clicks. You can also evaluate a brand-new website designs by redirecting several of your site visitors to a brand-new variation of the internet site.

I’ve seen 30% as well as even 40%+ increases in website redesign examinations like this. There are a number of methods you can do this– both most prominent are to make use of an internal folder or a various sub-domain for the brand-new style. By doing this if your brand-new design adversely impacts conversions, it will just influence your test subjects.

Multi-Variable Screening

As the name suggests, Multi-Variable Screening (often called Multi-Variant Examining) resembles A/B screening with the addition that you are testing greater than two changes. I will certainly commonly carry out multi-variable tests in my PPC campaigns and after that apply the very best creating mixes on the remainder of my website.

A “easy” example would certainly be transforming the message on the order switch as well as at the same time trying it in various layouts. You can actually freak out with this to obtain your ideal conversion rate. In 2014 I ran an examination that had 42 various variations.


It is essential to ensure you are comparing apples to apples when running these examinations. Many people will certainly run one variation for a week, then an additional version the next week and more. The issue is that you might have various traffic or various market pressures at work.

Visualize a seller that concentrates on holiday presents. The website traffic during the initial 2 weeks of December will be vastly different after that the web traffic during the first 2 weeks of January.

Preferably you will have a program/system that arbitrarily sends visitors to your different variations as they enter your website in real time.

Let’s say you have 2 versions as well as intend to evaluate it on 10% of your website traffic– after that your system ought to arbitrarily send out 90% to your normal web page, 5% to version 1 and also 5% to variation 2. You can develop it so that these are different physical data or the exact same documents with various variants. You can even utilize ClickBank TIDs to gauge the differences.


There are a number of alternatives for setting up these tests:

Construct your very own tools with a little bit (or a lot) of programs.
You can utilize no-cost devices like Google Optimizer.
Paid tools and services like SiteSpect or Optimost.

Each of these has different costs and also each has its benefits and also negative aspects. I suggest you do some research study to find out which device offers you the performance you need at the rate that helps you.


While we are all trying to get even more relevant traffic to our websites, our goal is to produce even more earnings. I recommend spending a portion of your time on increasing your website’s conversion price, placing more cash in your pocket.

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