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Old John Holmes of Three Castles, Kilkenny and his Descendants in Ireland, Britain, Canada, America & Australia
Compiled by Dr. R. Brian Holmes.    Click for Photo Album

Including the connection to Walt Disney's Irish grandfather!

The Holmes of Three Castles intermarried with other families called Holmes, living in Kilkenny and Tipperary. They were closely connected by multiple marriages with other neighbouring families such as Caldbeck, Seale, Smeltzer and Sneyd. The book gives brief outlines of these families and their links to the Holmes families. Other areas are: Ballycallan. Rahilty. Great Oak. River Nore. Poyntstown. Ballinastick. Fethard. Yorkshire. Ontario: Goderich. Clinton. Holmesville. 

This well-researched book sets out the pedigree and other biographical information on over 1900 of “Old John’s” descendants.

It traces the family back for almost three hundred years, and identifies the settings where they lived at that time. Many photos and family trees are included. 

One section tells of the original thirteen emigrants as they coped with Canada's primeval wilderness when they arrived in the summer of 1833, as well as glimpses of the younger group who heeded the call “go west young man” and traveled to the shores of the Pacific, first via the isthmus of Panama, and later by train and wagon across the prairies. 

The book follows the fortunes of various descendant families, such as the branch that owned and operated six specialty department stores in Manhattan; the group that operated design and construction companies in Boston and Miami, putting up significant public buildings, as well as individuals who had achievements in sports, politics, diplomacy, the military, the professions and in entrepreneurial activities. 

Where obtainable, biographical notes, anecdotes, and pictures, are included to make the story “come alive”. Maps and charts help clarify where people lived and where they fitted into the overall family structure.

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