Getting By In A Silent World
The Life and Times of Jack the Barber

Jack L. Cooke


About the Author  

Jack the author, was born in Stratford, Ontario, Oct. 17th, 1928. He spent his growing up years on the old farm on the Mitchell Road near the village of Motherwell, Fullarton Township, Perth County, Ontario.  
In 1942 at the age of 14 he contracted scarlet fever, which destroyed his hearing and any chance of a normal life or to further his education.  
      At the tender age of 15 he more or less fled to western Canada in search of a way of life, and perhaps a chance to find himself.  
     He fell in love with the west and its people and for a time a whole community adopted him. In it he found uncles and aunts, friends and neighbours all who became his very own. He has kept those ties a lifetime.
      Returning to the east and unable to find steady work because of his hearing loss he was encouraged to become a barber by Dickie Thorne, the local shoe store man in his home town of Mitchell. For over forty years Jack cut hair in south London. This is the story of the life and times of Jack the Barber, Getting By In A Silent World.  

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