Canadian Society of Military Medals and Insignia (CSMMI).

Now loading some photos from recent articles that appeared in the CSMMI Journal featuring 419 RSU (Repair & Salvage Unit), RCAF. The photos belong to Bob Kelly and show him with a JU88; with medals in year 2000; with FW190 in Amiens, France 1944; RAF Meteor jet in Belgium 1944; German ME262 jet in Holland 1944 (note RAF roundels on wings, so Allies wouldn't shoot it up). The Journal is printed quarterly and features a Buy/Sell/Trade section for members.


FW190, German fighter, Amiens, France 1944JU88_German_Bomber  ME262 German jet fighter, Holland 1944  RAF Meteor Jet, Belgium 1944419 RSU, Bob Kelly